Classmethod donated Ukrainian School 2500 EUR


Teachers and pupils of Christian Adventist gymnasium “OASIS OF HOPE”

Recently I joined the Classmethod family and figured out that Classmethod has Social contributions program the main aim of which is to help those who need support the most.

All my life until 2021 I lived in Ukraine and I need to admit that schools play a significant role in our society. As pupils we spend around 11 years in school, then as we grow up we come to schools to vote on elections. This building is familiar to all of us and plays different roles depending on the circumstances we live in.

The school I would like to talk about today literally does whatever it takes to help people and shares all the resources it has in its possession. It is called the Christian Adventist gymnasium “OASIS OF HOPE” (legal entity name: Dnipro Conference of SDA Church) and is located in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Since February 2022 gymnasium took a lot of steps to help people who suffered from war. “OASIS OF HOPE” sheltered innerly moved citizens under its roof, provided them food (teachers working in school brought crop they harvested and shared it with displaced persons, they requested help from their sponsors to provide baby formula to parents as there were no imports to the city for a while. School has bakery and bakes bread). “OASIS OF HOPE” also collected and distributed clothes and necessities. To help parents, school organised kindergarten to keep kids busy while parents search for jobs.

I recently talked with gymnasium “OASIS OF HOPE” representatives and figured out that the building where the school is located does not have roof coverage in some premises. Also School requires a bomb shelter to welcome pupils in September. Money donated by Classmethod will be used to repair buildings so that organisation can continue its existence and keep helping persons in need. Around 100 adults come to school on a regular basis to get support from “OASIS OF HOPE”. It is really an oasis of hope in Cherkasy city.