Empower Customer Service: Impact of Zendesk AI and Generative AI, Includes Insights into the Early Access Program (EAP) – Advent Calendar 2023 Day23 #Zendesk



Hello, this is Hemanth from Alliance Department. This blog is the 23rd day article of Class Method Zendesk Advent Calendar 2023. It focuses on how Zendesk AI and Generative AI Can Transform Your Customer Service along with insights of EAP.


A cloud-based help desk management solution offering a customer service portal, knowledge base, and online communities to be built. The solution offers a front-end portal, live chat features that are customizable and can be integrated with applications like salesforce and google analytics.

Zendesk AI

Zendesk AI is covered in all plans. For smarter conversations suggest articles, answers, and macros to agents based on the customer's query. Basic bot to handle frequently asked questions and deflect tickets. It recommends relevant articles and macros to agents while handling tickets. It's good for new AI in Customer service or smaller support volume.

Zendesk Advanced AI

It is an additional purchase available for Suite and Support Professional plans and above. The intelligent workflow contain automative repetitive tasks like routing tickets and assigning tags. Build sophisticated bots with natural language processing for complex conversations. Predict customer churn, ticket volume, and resolution times for proactive action. The features available with Advanced AI have been tagged below with "available with Advanced AI".

Zendesk Generative AI EAP

Zendesk's Generative AI early access program (EAP) to improve customer service. Its goal is to automate responses at busy periods. Agents free to take on difficult problems. Improve client comprehension through sophisticated engagements. Which EAP features, like intelligent routing or automated responses, to test is up to you. Prior to joining, be informed of the account criteria and current constraints.

Empower agents and improve efficiency with AI

It provides AI-powered insights in which a side panel gathers user intent and sentiment, giving agents instant context. The Seamless help center access helps agents to find answers for customer questions without leaving their workspace. It also provides Consistent responses that suggests wording for common questions ensures all customers receive a smooth experience.

Intelligence Context Panel available with Zendesk Advanced AI

An agent-facing panel in the Agent Workspace displaying AI-powered insights and recommending the appropriate macros to use in order to resolve the customer's problem.

Knowledge in the context panel

It enables agents to search for external content, access recommended content from your knowledge base and community forums, and take relevant actions while working on tickets—all without ever leaving the ticket interface.

Suggested macros

Based on the contents of a particular ticket, it assists agents based on the content of that specific ticket.

AI to route tickets and provide faster service

It expedites customer support by diverting easy tickets and intelligently forwarding more complex ones. Agents may focus on complicated conversations and save time by receiving fast recommendations for frequently asked queries and challenging scenarios. Customers are happy as a result of this quicker, more intelligent service.

Intelligent Triage available with Zendesk Advanced AI

It automatically assign's support and messaging tickets to the appropriate teams depending on the following factors: the language used in the ticket, the purpose of the message (i.e., its intent), the sentiment (i.e., whether the customer's message is good or negative), or a combination of all three.

Advanced AutoReplies available with Zendesk Advanced AI

The AI-prediction intent, language, and sentiment, it combines intelligent triage with bespoke email responses for customers. Using the Autoreply trigger action, you can create sophisticated autoreplies.

Macro Suggestions for Admins available with Zendesk Advanced AI

Selecting the macros that will be most helpful for your agents and end users is simpler. Based on repeated content from all of the agent replies in your account, this feature recommends new macros that admins might want to create.

Internal Guidance to Agents available with Zendesk Advanced AI

Make a trigger that, when a ticket is submitted and meets specific requirements, adds an internal note automatically. For instance, you might set up a trigger to search for tickets with a negative sentiment and include an internal memo that instructs the agent on how to handle or escalate sensitive customer care scenarios.

AI to strengthen your knowledge base and deliver answers

Zendesk highlights areas for development, suggests articles that are relevant, and equips agents with information from your current help center. Its user-friendly semantic search facilitates self-service and agent-assisted experiences by enabling both parties to locate information fast.

Standard Autoreplies

It is also known as autoreplies with articles, are automated responses to queries from clients submitted by email or online forms. Suggestions for help center articles to assist clients in resolving their problems are included in the responses.

Content Cues

The application of machine learning techniques and usage of data from Guide articles to assist you in identifying tasks and opportunities that will strengthen the health of your knowledge base.

Semantic Search

By understanding the meaning of search queries, it produces the most accurate search results possible, assisting users in finding content even when they are unsure of the precise terms to use.

AI to provide 24/7 service and build smarter bots

Use Zendesk's 24/7 bots to dominate customer service worldwide. While basic bots direct users to solutions, advanced ones customize the user experience and identify more complex demands. Create them quickly using AI-powered intents to close knowledge gaps and provide excellent customer care without adding more agents to your team.

Standard Conversation Bots

It integrates with Zendesk's messaging channels to provide customers with automated conversational help. Using a drag-and-drop bot builder, they are incredibly adaptable and simple to construct, helping customers find a solution.

Suggested Intents available with Zendesk Advanced AI

When creating an answer for a conversation bot, it suggests intents to help the bot accurately comprehend your clients' demands. In order to assist your conversation bot in matching and providing the most pertinent response for a customer's query, you can substitute these suggested, or pre-trained, intents for training phrases.

Intent suggestions available with Zendesk Advanced AI

It finds the most often asked questions by your consumers during bot conversations—questions that don't have an answer in the bot database. This assists you in identifying any gaps in the data your bot has given you so you may develop new responses (or enhance ones that already exist).

Understanding the Early Access program (EAP)

Viewing Similar Tickets

The current ticket needs to have a high confidence intent prediction in order to examine similar tickets on the Intelligence tab. Similar tickets ought to have the same intent, be solved or closed, have a high degree of confidence, and have the same keywords. Tickets that are similar won't show up if these requirements aren't met. Unless there are no recommended macros, which case the Similar tickets tab will be shown, the Macros tab will appear first when Intelligence is launched.

The Similar tickets feature in Zendesk Intelligence helps agents find related cases. A list of similar tickets will appear if the conditions are met. Selecting "View more" opens a new Support tab with the entire list. The title and summary of each ticket are displayed. A ticket can be clicked to open it in a different Support tab. Similar tickets essentially assist agents in locating pertinent previous instances so that the present one can be resolved quickly.

Generative AI for Agents under EAP Program

It provides tools to optimize agent processes, such as the Intelligence panel's Summarization feature, which summarizes ticket remarks. To produce answers that are lengthier and more in-depth, expand in the text composer. Change the text composer's tone to better engage customers by adjusting the tone of responses. You must have activated the Agent Workspace on your account in order to use these features.

Generative AI for Bots and Automations under EAP Program

To respond to consumer inquiries, it automatically condenses the information of the help center.Bot personas that combine a variety of reactions to create distinctive voices and tones. Make sure your account has agent workspace enabled, messaging turned on, a publicly accessible Zendesk knowledge base attached to it, and that the intent requirements are satisfied (for features related to intent) in order to utilize these features.

Generative AI for Knowledge Base under EAP Program

It enables you to expand articles by automatically expanding a single sentence into a full paragraph. Modify the tone of your writing to make it more official or more friendly. A linked Zendesk knowledge base is necessary.

Generative AI for Voice

The call summaries, which offer important insights, are produced following calls. Call transcripts that are automatically generated and text-based for convenient access within tickets. Should have Zendesk Voice as part of your subscription in order to use these services. Call recording should be activated.


Not only tools, Zendesk AI and Generative AI are transformative elements in the advancement of customer support. Use AI to empower your agents, improve client experiences, and streamline processes. The future of customer service is at your fingertips, whether you're using the exciting features of the Early Access Program for Generative AI or exploring the capabilities of Zendesk AI.

Getting started with Zendesk AI and Advanced AI

Zendesk Generative AI EAP capabilities overview

Viewing similar tickets in Intelligence (EAP)