Deprecation of Fivetran’s CSV Upload tool – How to import CSVs after tool deprecation

Deprecation of Fivetran’s CSV Upload tool – How to import CSVs after tool deprecation

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Fivetran is a well established platform which provides automated data integration for its users. Recently, it was announced that Fivetran will stop supporting the CSV Browser Upload tool. The details of this along with some work-arounds on how to add CSV files are posted here.

How to import CSV post tool deprecation:

Following a recent announcement from Fivetran, users might have gotten confused about what would happen after Fivetran stopped supporting its CSV Browser Upload tool.

Although users may not be able to directly upload CSV files anymore, however, there are several other work-arounds to import data from a CSV into Fivetran. These are discussed briefly:

1) Via a Cloud Storage connector:

By uploading the CSV files into a cloud storage can be an effective way to bulk upload them into Fivetran. Famous cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage can be useful in this use case. Initially it is necessary to setup a connector in Fivetran, then files can be synced from the cloud storage on an ad-hoc basis or using an automated periodic sync.

2) Via a Magic Folder connector:

Fivetran has a magic folder connector, which can bring data from various sources such as: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint. Users can store all their CSVs into such places and link the folder's URL to collaborate with Fivetran and import the CSV data for further processing. Fivetran can detect the changes made to the original file and sync and update the destination tables in Fivetran.

3) Via File Transfer Protocol:

CSV files can be stored in a FTP or SSH server and Fivetran syncing those files and importing the CSV data from FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers.

4) Via Email Attachment:

Another convenient way to import data is to send emails with CSV attachments to a destination using an email connector. This connector will extract attachments from the email, parse the attachment data and upload it to the destination warehouse. Emails will be deleted once attachments are extracted from it.


As Fivetran has recently announced deprecation of its CSV Upload tool, there are several other work-arounds on how to import CSV data into Fivetran.


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