How to Check the Cost and Usage of Public IPv4 Addresses?

How to Check the Cost and Usage of Public IPv4 Addresses?

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Public IP addresses, that were previously available at no cost, have now been charged starting from February 1, 2024.  All public IPv4 addresses, regardless of association with the resources, will incur a charge of $0.005 per hour per IP address.

Using Amazon VPC IP Address Manager for monitoring usage and Cost Explorer for cost checking, you can optimize the usage of public IPv4 addresses and the associated costs.


Amazon VPC IP Address Manager (IPAM)

Amazon VPC IP Address Manager is a feature of Amazon VPC, that allows you to plan and monitor public IPv4 addresses.

  • Open the Amazon VPC IP Address Manager console in the region where you want to create an IPAM for monitoring your public IP addresses and then proceed to create the IPAM.
  • Select the Allow data replication checkbox, and then choose Free Tier as the IPAM tier.


  • Enter a name for the IPAM, select the regions in which you want public IP addresses to be discovered, and proceed to create the IPAM.


  • You can view a list of resources with their CIDR and IP usage across regions in Resource discoveries.


  • The Public IP insights under Monitoring shows you all the public IPv4 addresses with their types and associations. The EIP usage chart displays the count of associated and unassociated EIPs. With these insights, you can identify unused IPs, release them if not required, and save on associated costs.


Cost Explorer

  • Navigate to the Billing and Cost Management Console and choose Cost Explorer.
  • Choose the Report parameters as follows:
    • Time
      • Date Range: Public IPv4 address usage cost - February(2024/02/01 - 2024/02/29)
      • Granularity: Monthly
    • Filters
      • Usage type: Select [PublicIPv4:IdleAddress(Hrs) and PublicIPv4:InUseAddress (Hrs)] as the Usage type.


  • The Cost and usage graph shows the total costs and total usage of the InUse public IPv4 addresses for February.


  • You can also view the breakdown of cost and usage below the Cost and usage graph.



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