I Attended the Session「Translation tool made using AWS and Journey of Indian new graduate in a Japanese Company」in DevelopersIO 2023


Hello, this is Hemanth from the Alliance Department. Today, I'm writing a blog post about the session titled "Translation tool made using AWS and Journey of Indian new graduate in a Japanese Company" that took place at DevelopersIO 2023.


In this blog article, I'll talk about my own experience as an Indian working for a Japanese organization, the factors that led me to choose Japan as my professional destination and Classmethod as my first employer. I'll also discuss a translation tool created by a friend and coworker of mine which was demonstrated at DevIO2023.

Why Japan and Why Classmethod

I made Japan my professional destination for a number of compelling personal reasons. Aside from my fascination of the country's rich cultural legacy and colorful atmosphere, I was pulled to Japan as a passionate anime fan. The chance to see the birthplace of anime, notably Akihabara, piqued my interest. Furthermore, after doing a lot of research, I found that Classmethod, one of the top firms in the field, embodied the principles and workplace culture I was looking for. Classmethod was the ideal fit for my career goals because of its dedication to excellence, focus on innovation, and active community involvement.

AWS Translation Tool

My coworker presented a translation tool at the DevIO2023 conference. The solution, which was created utilizing AWS services. The translation tool made it possible for seamless translation, immersive conversation, and object identification by utilizing AWS services like Amazon Polly, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Rekognition.

Amazon Polly

The translation tool became more immersive thanks in large part to Amazon Polly, a state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology. The tool could recognize faces in video content and turn on the text-to-speech service provided by Amazon Polly by integrating Amazon Rekognition's facial recognition technology, making conversation richer and more interesting.

Amazon Translate

The smooth facilitation of translation between several languages was made possible by Amazon Translate, a potent neural machine translation tool. By utilizing its features, the translation tool allowed users to communicate and comprehend each other's messages in their preferred languages, dissolving language barriers and promoting efficient collaboration.

Amazon Rekognition

An original component was introduced to the translation tool by Amazon Rekognition, a sophisticated picture and video analysis service. Utilizing the tool's object identification and text extraction functionality, users were able to identify things in photographs, extract text, and translate it into their preferred language.



To translate text, simply enter the desired text, select the language it is written in, and choose the language you want it to be translated into. With a click on the "translate" button, the tool will provide an instant translation.


In this section, you can input text in your preferred language and select the language in which you want to hear it. By clicking on the "listen" button, the tool will convert the text into speech, allowing you to experience the content in your desired language.

Object Recognition

Capture Photo In the first part of object recognition, you can click on the "capture photo" button. Choose a language from the options provided and click on the "submit" button. The tool will detect the objects within the captured image and display the results. Choose a File In the second part of object recognition, you have the option to choose a file. Simply select a language from the available options and click on the "submit" button. The tool will analyze the image file you provided, detect the objects within it, and display the results.


The importance of embracing cultural diversity and getting over language obstacles is highlighted by my personal experience as an Indian working for a Japanese corporation. The translation tool created by my colleague and presented at DevIO2023 is a prime example of the revolutionary power of technology. The technology eliminates language barriers, promotes collaboration, and opens doors to a more connected and inclusive work environment by combining AWS services like Amazon Polly, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Rekognition.