[Report]Proven playbook for migrating from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora Builders Session#reinvent





This is Aayush from the AWS Business Division.

This was the 3rd session I attended

We are currently participating in re: Invent 2022 locally.

In this article, I participated in a session called "Proven playbook for migrating from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora", so I will report on it.

About session:

  • title
    • Proven playbook for migrating from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora
  • Speakers
    • Prasad Rao, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  • session information
    • Format: Builders' Session
    • Level: 300 - Advanced

You will learn how to use Babelfish and things to keep in mind while migrating a workload from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora.

Session Overview

Preliminary guidance is as follows.

In this builders’ session, learn how to use AWS migration tools to migrate a workload from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora and gain efficiencies along the way. Discover how to use Compass to assess and convert your database objects, AWS DMS to migrate your data, and Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL to provide additional compatibility with SQL Server for your applications.

Session attendance content



Welcome to reInvent 2022!

Babelfish Basics

Babelfish Compass Assessment

Migrate database schema

Migrating Data using DMS (Database Migration Service) Stretch Goals Summary

Session Introduction:

Benefits of modernize SQL Server:

  1. Reduce Licensing cost

  2. Reduce operation Overhead

  3. Solve SQL Server Scalability difficulties

Roadblocks in modernizing SQL Server to a database built for the cloud

  1. don't know where to start
  2. Business logic is in stored procedures
  3. Application code is highly dependent on SQL Server

SQL Server Modernization Journey

ther are tools available to migrate database to new database like SCT and Dms but we should not ignore the code written for the database should also be able to connect to new database

About Babelfish

babelfish is a open source tool which will help us to connect to SQL Server which is migrated to Aurora

Benifits of using babelfish

keep legacy application code

keep existing queries

keep database drivers

Reduce migration time and risk

innovate freely

Leverage open source

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL architecture

Case study

how migrating workload to cloud save cost

Current Babelfish Releases:

The most recent release was in November 2022 which supports PG14.5

Currently not Supported:

Session Ending Screen:


this workshop will be available ob billow link https://workshops.aws/

Other Link shared in the event https://github.com/babelfish-for-postgresql/babelfish_compass/



this session shares a lot of information in very little amount of time i was able to learn not only from the speaker but I can also able to learn from other participants how they are using AWS and SQL servers,