Let us take a brief overview of special features offered by Zendesk Sell


Hi, this is Charu from Classmethod; and today I will be talking about Zendesk Sell.

What is Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell is a customer relationship management, or CRM system that can help you keep track of leads, and manage your sales pipeline. Using Zendesk Sell, you can manage leads and deals, make calls and emails directly from the system, view and create reports and create customisable dashboards to show you a snapshot of your sales efforts.

Let's get to know the details:

So, after signing in to your account, you can access Zendesk Sell from the top right icon of Zendesk products.

Starting with the main dashboard, you can see multiple widgets on the screen. I have customised my dashboard to include some of the main key things that I will need to start my work with Sell. You can customise according to your needs too by clicking on the top right '+Widget' button.

Task Player

Let's talk about the task widget. When you will click on task widget, you can get access to the task player on the top right corner of the screen. It will quickly take you through each task. This way you can spend less time in CRM and more time in revenue generating activities.

This will also take you to your lead or prospect (with whom your task is assigned). This is going to give you a 360 degrees view of your prospect. You can see details like your prospect name, their deignation, contact details etc on the left hand side.

In the middle, you can see all the communication you had with the prospect. Zendesk Sell directly links with your email provider, so all your emails, calls, texts, everything will be logged in the middle section.

Now, on the right hand side you will see any upcoming to-do's, tickets(integrated with Zendesk Support), deals with the prospects, documents shared etc.

You can even click on the email directly and type the mail content. You can make an email template and save it for future use or use some pre-defined template if available. These templates saves your typing time and are easy to use.


Suppose if the prospect responds by saying, they want some time around to think about the deal, you can keep them thinking about you for next few days. You can keep on sending them some automated mails over the next few days so that they don't forget you. All this happens with the help of sequence(on the right side section).

You can go on to create a sequence, by adding steps, writing your mail, and selecting the time to send. At the end save the sequence, and don't forget to add it under the sequence section of your lead.

This is going to increase the likelihood of your lead coming back when the timing is right, but as a rep you don't have to worry about constantly sending them emails. Everything will be managed automatically by Zendesk Sell.

Now, let's move on to our next special features of smart list.

Smart List

As a sales rep, it is so hard to spend so much time in a CRM trying to get data. Here comes 'Smart lists' to address this time consuming issue. This list helps you pull out any information you want and is dynamic i.e. it updates in real time. Contacts can be automatically added to the list when they fit certain criteria and can be automatically removed from the list when they no longer meet the list criteria. You can access them anytime without the worry of applying filter.

You can create a smart list by pulling in any information you want and update your list in real time.

Find New Prospects

Now, if you feel that you should reach out to more leads, you can use Zendesk pre built tool to find out new leads, on the top left corner of the window.

You can filter you leads by selecting the target industry you are interested in from the right hand side. Then you can select the companies you are interested in and find the people within those companies.

Also, you can filter the people through their department. For example, here I have selected people who are from HR or CX department. Next, I can import these contacts into my leads list and directly email them.

Funnel Report

The next special feature is 'Reporting'. The most interesting one is 'Funnel Report'. It helps you analyse leads and deals throughput the pipeline. It's a great way to understand whats going on with your business. It is really easy to customise with the dates or maybe your sources.

The best part is, you can do everything we have have discussed above through Zendesk mobile app(Android or iOS).

Go ahead and start experimenting with Zendesk Sell.

Thank you for your time!

Happy Learning:)