Mastering Zendesk Sell Part 2: Deals, Communication, and Analytics in Zendesk Sell

Hi, this is Charu from Classmethod. Today is the sixteenth day of Classmethod's Zendesk Advent Calendar.

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In my previous blog, we talked about Leads Management in Zendesk Sell in detail. But in this blog, we will go deeper into managing deals, enhancing communication, and leveraging analytics to propel your sales success.

Sales Pipeline:

A sales pipeline in CRM software like Zendesk Sell is a visual and systematic way to track multiple potential buyers as they progress through different stages in the purchasing process. You can visualise and customise your sales pipeline to mirror your unique sales process within Zendesk Sell.


  • By clicking on Deals, you can view different stages of your deals and track your deal progress.
  • Monitor where each deal stands, update statuses in real-time, and keep your pipeline clutter-free. You can either view it in a Tabular view or Broad view according to you own convenience.
  • To update you Pipeline, you can go to Settings > Sales Pipeline under Customise, as shown in the picture.
  • Adjust the stages in your pipeline to mirror your unique sales cycle.
  • Integrate Communication Channels-

  • Sync your email and enable call logging to keep all communications centralised.
  • To integrate communication channel, go to Settings > Communication channels.
  • You can sync your Email account, add signature, choose your visibility and block users as shown in the picture,
  • To enable Call logging, you can click on Voice and Text under Communication channels. Choose your Zendesk Sell number and do the customisations according to your own requirements.
  • Next, to enable Chat, you need to install Zendesk Chat for Sell. You can refer this link to proceed.
  • Automate Follow-ups:

    Set up email sequences to nurture leads and keep the conversation going.


  • To enable sequence, navigate to Settings > Sequences within Zendesk Sell and click on Add Sequence button.
  • Create new sequences for emails and tasks, defining triggers based on lead or deal activities. Let's see how to create an email sequence,
  • Then write your automated email according to your needs,
  • Then give a name and save your sequence.
  • Leveraging Powerful Analytics

    Use Zendesk Sell’s analytics to track performance indicators like deal size and close rates. Tailor reports to focus on the data that matter most to your business objectives. The reporting dashboard in Zendesk Sell has a wide variety of features for you to explore. Here are just a few of them,

    Funnel Report:

    Funnel reporting in sales refers to the analysis of the different stages a customer goes through in the sales process, from initial awareness to the final purchase. It helps in understanding conversion rates at each stage of the sales funnel and determining the effectiveness of sales strategies. By analyzing funnel reports, sales teams can close more deals. This type of reporting is essential for optimising the sales process and forecasting future sales performance.

  • To enable Funnel Report, go to Report under Zendesk Sell.
  • You can choose the time period or filters according to your requirements and view and analyse your reports.
  • Activity Overview:

  • You can view the activity of your team in a given time period in a summarised manner.
  • By hovering over the coloured blocks, you can even see your agent's name and activity in detail.
  • Won Deal Goals:

  • You can even set you teams/agent's sale goal and keep a track of it for analytics purpose.
  • Stage Conversion by Owner:

  • To view at which stage your team agents are, you can check stage conversion by owner feature.
  • Conclusion:

    By mastering deal management, communication, and analytics in Zendesk Sell, you can ensure a smoother sales journey, from the first touchpoint to the final handshake. Don't forget to explore the endless other features offered by Zendesk Sell.

    Thank you for reading!

    Happy Learning:)