Let’s Know about VR used in Meta Quest 2 #TGS2022




Hemanth of Alliance Department here. In this blog, I'll be writing about VR technology which I found interesting at Tokyo Game Show 2022, and played the Meta Quest game.

META Quest 2

Earlier known as Oculus Quest 2 rebranded as Meta Quest 2 in November 2021. It is a virtual reality headset developed by reality labs. one of the most advanced VR sets. It gives a chance to explore new worlds and achieve feats that seem impossible. It provides one of a kind experience, opening up all kinds of possibilities in games and other fields such as creating new ways to create and connect to live events. Also, the endless possibilities awaiting with Meta Quest 2. From multiplayer games to unique social experiences to join up with friends at a live show or instructor-led workout, Meta Quest 2 provides new opportunities to meet and connect with others in VR.

What is VR

It stands for Virtual Reality which is a computer-generated environment that enables a person to interact with a 3D-related or other sensory environments. This environment is formed with computer software and hardware, the user might have to wear devices such as a headset or goggles in order to interact with the environment. The more users immerse themselves in VR, the more they feel that the 3D world is real. As digitization has shown an increase so has VR in every sphere. VR has traveled a long way in terms of sensory engagement but is still far from realizing its complete immersive environment such as multiple sensations.

Depending on purpose and Technology it mainly falls under 3 categories

Non-Immersive: The 3D environment created accessed by the Screen. A video game is an example, as the user has some control over the keyboard and mouse but the user cannot directly interact with the environment.

Semi Immersive: Offering a partial VR experience mainly via glasses or headset through a monitor. Its primary focus is on the Visual 3D aspect and not physical movement similar to full immersion.

Fully Immersive: The highest level of VR completely immerses the user in the 3D world. It is still in the starting stage but it has undoubtedly made major inroads into the gaming and healthcare industry.


It is a fully immersive VR headset with built-in earpieces and touch controllers. It has room-scale tracking i.e both the user position via headset and the user movements via controllers is tracked. An immersive experience where physical movement is experienced in the virtual world. It has a system in place which makes sure that the User doesn't come across any physical object when exploring the virtual World the system is called Guardian System.

As safety is always the top priority, the guardian system comes into the picture. It seems that the user is kept in a defined area called a play area to know about the parameters and objects of the physical world. It basically prevents users from bumping into walls when immersed in the virtual world. It provides a warning when the system moves out of the play area. when such a situation arises it immediately uses a translucent grid to alert them.

VR Gaming

VR has had the greatest influence on the gaming industry. The most successful implementer of cutting-edge VR technology. The User experience the gaming environment via VR headsets, gloves, and many more devices. VR gaming based on the computing device: VR games on PCs on laptops, VR Games on Gaming Consoles, and VR games on smartphones. It gives users a perspective that they see the action happening from the characters in the VR game. The bottom line is the VR games industry is growing at a fast pace. The ideas implemented are both interesting and fantastic. This gives into the picture that VR gaming might introduce the next big thing into the gaming world.


Virual Reality

VR Gaming