『JAWS DAYS 2014』開催前告知 #12 トラック内セッションは全編英語オンリー!『iJAWS』トラックでAWS&英語にどっぷり浸かろう #jawsdays #jawsug




In "AWS JAWS DAYS 2014" pre-announcement series, 11th blog entry is "iJAWS".


What is "iJAWS"?

"iJAWS" Track in JAWS DAYS 2014 is "English Only" Track. And...



iJAWSとは『international Japan AWS user group』から取られたもので、JAWSでのコミュニティ活動に於ける英会話・国際交流的な部分を目標にしているようです。

Japan has one of the strongest AWS (Amazon Web Services) AWS user communities in the world, Japan AWS User Groups.iJAWS aims to be the international, English speaking, community within the JAWS. The main focus will be events focused on presentations and lightning talks to discuss and share information regarding AWS. iJAWS will also be aimed at power users, hoping to make it a thought leader in the Japanese tech community.





10:10 - 11:00 Rasmus Ekman & 安川 健太氏 [Amazon Data Services Japan] 〜What is AWS?〜


11:10 - 12:00 Matthew Romaine [Gengo] 〜Scaling Gengo on AWS: from 10,000 translators to 150 million words.〜

Scaling Gengo on AWS: from 10,000 translators to 150 million words.

13:00 - 13:50 Ross Sharrott [Moneytree] 〜Building Moneytree’s data aggregation system with SWF〜

Moneytree uses SWF to coordinate workflows for our data aggregation service. In this talk, we will discuss Moneytree’s use case and how we built a system that can handle hundreds of thousands of jobs per day with 2 developers while still sleeping at night.

14:00 - 14:50 Sergio Arcos [Language Cloud] 〜Language Cloud (Use Case in AWS)〜

I presented an AWS example with our own platform, pointing to some of the relations we have created thought our lifetime with different services offered (EC2, OpsWorks, DynamoDB, RDS, S3, R53, …). Slides: http://slid.es/sergioarcos/language-cloud-use-case-in-aws/

15:00 - 15:50 Michael Reinsch [Doorkeeper] 〜Lessons learned from 8 years of hosting Ruby web apps〜

The options for hosting ruby web application are plentiful, all with different advantages and disadvantages, options, limitations. How to start, how to grow, what are the pitfalls?With this talk I’d first like to give a short overview of several cloud hosting alternatives such as plain VPS, AWS, EngineYard, Heroku, and provide some insights based on my experience with them – beyond just somehow getting it to run, but also how to handle continuous deployment, how to maintain and scale them.

While Rails already comes with many best practices build in, there are still plenty enough traps for you. We definitely had our fair share, and I’d like to share some of them for your entertainment and learning.

16:00 - 16:50 Ryuji Tamagawa [Sky Co. Ltd,] 〜How to tune MongoDB on AWS〜

MongoDB is a popular, easy to use NoSQL Database engine. In this session, I will talk about how to tune the performance of MongoDB on AWS, using features like Provisioned IOPS.


以上、全編英語セッションのトラック『iJAWS』についてのご紹介でした。私自身も先日のTableau Partner Summit 2014(シンガポール)に参加して以来、英語スキル・英会話スキルを身に付けたいという思いが非常に高まっておリます。常日頃から英語スキル向上を目標に掲げている方々、自分の英語力をAWSのコミュニティで試してみたいという方々はこちらのトラックに足を運んでみてはいかがでしょうか。ご参加お待ちしております。We look forward to your participation!!!

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