AWS What’s Newで振り返る2014年のAWS動向


12月、ということで、そろそろ2014年を振り返ってもいい頃かと思います。そこで2014年にWhat's New from Amazon Web Servicesに掲載されたニュースを時系列にまとめ、それぞれに本ブログの関連記事を付けて、まとめてみました。

なお、2014年のAWS What's Newは266本。多い。上からざーっと眺めてみて、今年どんなアップデートがあったか、どんな話題で盛り上がったか、振り返ってみるのは如何でしょうか。

AWS What's Newから2014年のAWS動向を振り返ってみる

■2014/01/02: Create Auto Scaling Groups from Running Amazon EC2 Instances


■2014/01/07: New Edge Locations Added in Taipei and Rio de Janeiro for Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53

■2014/01/13: Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports time zone change


■2014/01/13: New Certification Exams Available for Developers and SysOps Administrators


■2014/01/14: Launch Popular Software into Amazon VPCs with 1-Click

■2014/01/14: New “Introduction to AWS” Instructional Videos and Labs

■2014/01/17: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) now available in AWS GovCloud (US)

■2014/01/21: Announcing New Amazon EC2 M3 Instance Sizes and Lower Prices for Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS

■2014/01/23: Amazon Redshift announces new SSD-based node type

■2014/01/27: CloudFormation supports Auto Scaling Scheduled Actions and DynamoDB Secondary Indexes

■2014/01/28: Announcing Amazon Kinesis Storm Spout

■2014/01/29: Amazon SES Adds Support for Additional AWS Regions

■2014/01/29: Amazon SQS announces Dead Letter Queues

■2014/01/29: Track and manage instance use and spending with new EC2 Usage Reports

■2014/01/30: Amazon Route 53 Adds Health Checking Features: String Matching and HTTPS Support

■2014/02/10: AWS CloudFormation supports Amazon Redshift and updating AWS Elastic Beanstalk


■2014/02/12: Amazon EC2 G2 Instances Available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

■2014/02/18: Amazon Route 53 Announces Fast Interval Health Checks and Configurable Failover Thresholds

■2014/02/19: Elastic Load Balancing – Perfect Forward Secrecy and more new security features


■2014/02/20: Amazon CloudFront Expands Media Streaming Capabilities by Offering Smooth Streaming Support

■2014/02/20: Amazon RDS now offers new faster and cheaper DB instances

■2014/02/20: Analyze Streaming Data from Amazon Kinesis with Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

■2014/02/20: AWS Data Pipeline Now Available in Four New Regions

■2014/02/25: New Trusted Advisor check on CloudFront Content Delivery Optimization

■2014/02/27: Announcing New Features in the Amazon EC2 Management Console

■2014/02/27: AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) announces MFA protection for cross-account access

■2014/02/28: AWS Command Line Interface Launches AWS Data Pipeline Commands

■2014/03/03: Announcing new features in AWS Activate

■2014/03/03: AWS CloudFormation supports AWS OpsWorks


■2014/03/04: Announcing Red Hat Enterprise Linux availability in AWS GovCloud (US)

■2014/03/05: Amazon CloudFront Adds SNI Custom SSL and HTTP to HTTPS Redirect Features


■2014/03/05: VM Import for Windows Server 2012

■2014/03/06: Announcing DynamoDB Cross-Region Export/Import

■2014/03/06: Elastic Load Balancing Announces Access Logs


■2014/03/12: Amazon AppStream Available to All Customers

■2014/03/13: Announcing Amazon CloudFront Usage Charts for Web Distributions - Track Trends in Requests & Data Transfer

■2014/03/13: Amazon ElastiCache Announces Redis 2.8.6 Support

■2014/03/18: AWS Trusted Advisor adds five new checks on AWS CloudTrail and Amazon Route 53

■2014/03/20: Elastic Load Balancing adds support for Connection Draining


■2014/03/24: Amazon CloudSearch introduces powerful new search and admin features


■2014/03/24: Announcing Support for VPC Peering within a Region


■2014/03/24: New AWS Training Course - “Big Data on AWS”

■2014/03/26: Amazon WorkSpaces Available for All Customers


■2014/03/27: AWS OpsWorks now supports Chef 11.10

■2014/03/31: Amazon SWF announces new samples and recipes for Ruby

■2014/04/01: Latest Features Launched in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region

■2014/04/02: Amazon CloudFront Adds EDNS-Client-Subnet Support


■2014/04/02: AWS Elastic Beanstalk announces Ruby 2.0 support

■2014/04/03: You can now use Oracle GoldenGate with Amazon RDS for Oracle

■2014/04/08: AWS Console for iOS and Android Now Supports Amazon S3

■2014/04/08: Introducing Cost Explorer: View and analyze your historical AWS spend

■2014/04/08: Amazon EMR Adds New EC2 Instance Types and Lowers Prices

■2014/04/09: AWS Elastic Beanstalk announces VPC Public IP support

■2014/04/10: R3: Announcing the next generation of Amazon EC2 Memory-optimized instances


■2014/04/22: Amazon Redshift - Increased concurrency, easy load from Amazon EMR and new SSL Cipher Suites


■2014/04/22: Announcing Tagging for AWS Elastic Beanstalk

■2014/04/23: Amazon RDS introduces MySQL 5.5 to 5.6 upgrade using Read Replicas

■2014/04/23: Amazon RDS Now Supports Oracle Database

■2014/04/23: Auto Scaling Expands Support for Dedicated Instances

■2014/04/23: AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds Docker support


■2014/04/24: Announcing Backup and Restore capability for Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

■2014/04/24: Streamline Your Code with Improved Query and Update Functionality

■2014/04/29: Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF) Announces Metrics in CloudWatch

■2014/04/29: Storage price reduction for AWS Storage Gateway and support for Symantec Backup Exec with Gateway-Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

■2014/04/30: Amazon CloudWatch API calls are now available in CloudTrail

■2014/04/30: Amazon Route 53 Announces Domain Name Based Health Checks


■2014/05/01: Tag Auto Scaling Groups in the AWS Management Console

■2014/05/05: Amazon WorkSpaces Available in Europe!

■2014/05/05: AWS Elastic Beanstalk announces updated application containers and R3 instance type support

■2014/05/06: Amazon SQS Announces Attributes for Messages

■2014/05/06: Provision Amazon Kinesis with AWS CloudFormation

■2014/05/07: AWS Console Mobile App Now Supports Route 53

■2014/05/07: AWS Data Pipeline: New Scheduling Options and Pipeline State

■2014/05/07: New Professional Level Certification Exam Available for Solutions Architects


■2014/05/08: Amazon Redshift Announces Improvements to Query Flexibility and Data Export

■2014/05/08: AWS Free Usage Tier Now Includes Amazon CloudFront

■2014/05/12: AWS CloudFormation enables parameter-only stack updates and stack notification topic changes


■2014/05/13: Amazon AppStream - adding support for Log Collection and YUV444

■2014/05/13: Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF) Supports Amazon CloudTrail

■2014/05/13: AWS CloudTrail is now available in Northern California, Ireland and Sydney Regions

■2014/05/14: Announcing new features in AWS Activate: Startup Blog, Startup Spotlight, and the Amazon Toolbox

■2014/05/14: AWS OpsWorks supports Amazon RDS


■2014/05/15: Amazon WorkSpaces Available in Sydney!

■2014/05/19: Amazon RDS introduces Multi-AZ support for SQL Server


■2014/05/20: Amazon S3 Now Supports Lifecycle Rules for Versioning


■2014/05/21: Amazon EBS encryption now available


■2014/05/21: Amazon EC2 expands regional availability for C3 and G2 instance types

■2014/05/21: AWS Trusted Advisor now monitors service limits for Amazon SES, Amazon VPC, and Auto Scaling

■2014/05/22: Amazon Elastic Transcoder Announces Performance Enhancements

■2014/05/22: Amazon EMR Adds New Memory-Optimized Instance Types

■2014/05/22: Update to AWS Management Pack for System Center

■2014/05/27: Announcing the AWS Pop-up Loft

■2014/05/27: New automatic CRM (customer relationship management) features for AWS Marketplace ISVs, VARs, and SIs

■2014/05/28: Amazon CloudFront API Calls Now Supported by AWS CloudTrail

■2014/05/28: Amazon RDS in AWS GovCloud (US) now supports Provisioned IOPS and M3 Instance Types

■2014/05/28: Lower prices, better performance with Amazon RDS Memory Optimized DB Instances


■2014/05/29: Amazon CloudSearch adds Hebrew language support and user controlled domain partitioning

■2014/05/30: The AWS Management Portal for vCenter is Now Available

■2014/06/02: Amazon RDS adds Multi-AZ support for SQL Server in US East Region

■2014/06/03: SAP HANA Quick Start Reference Deployment

■2014/06/03: Windows Server 2012 R2 AMIs

■2014/06/04: AWS Console Mobile App Adds Multiple Identities and Access Key Authentication

■2014/06/04: AWS OpsWorks supports AWS CloudTrail

■2014/06/05: Announcing a Preview of Amazon Elastic MapReduce commands on the AWS Command Line Interface

■2014/06/12: Amazon S3 now supports Server Side Encryption with Customer-provided Keys (SSE-C)


■2014/06/12: AWS SDK for iOS Version 2 - Developer Preview

■2014/06/12: SNS now has Windows support, and China Android support with Baidu

■2014/06/16: Introducing the Amazon EBS General Purpose (SSD) volume type


■2014/06/17: CloudFormation supports VPC peering, EBS encryption, additional CloudFront configuration and more

■2014/06/19: Amazon EC2 Service Limits Report Now Available

■2014/06/20: Amazon Elastic MapReduce now supports IAM roles and federated users

■2014/06/20: Amazon Elastic Transcoder Announces Caption Support

■2014/06/20: Education and Research category launched within AWS Marketplace

■2014/06/23: Amazon SES Adds Support For Delivery Notifications

■2014/06/24: New Global Class Schedule for AWS Training

■2014/06/24: New Marketing Analytics Tools for AWS Marketplace Partners

■2014/06/25: Amazon AppStream Update - New Features and New Docs

■2014/06/26: Amazon CloudFront Adds Device Detection, Geo Targeting, Host Header Forwarding, CORS Support, and more!


■2014/06/26: Amazon CloudSearch adds enhanced SDK and CLI support

■2014/06/26: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is now available with AWS OpsWorks

■2014/06/29: Amazon Redshift Announces Cross Region Ingestion and Improved Query Functionality


■2014/06/30: Amazon Kinesis now available in US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland) regions

■2014/06/30: AWS CloudTrail is now available in Tokyo, Singapore and Sao Paulo regions

■2014/07/01: Amazon ElastiCache Announces Higher Performance M3 and R3 Cache Nodes

■2014/07/01: Amazon Redshift Free Trial and Price Reductions in Asia Pacific

■2014/07/01: Introducing T2, the New Low-Cost, General Purpose Instance Type for Amazon EC2

■2014/07/02: Amazon Route 53 Announces Health Check Enhancements: Editable Checks and Tagging


■2014/07/07: Amazon WorkSpaces: New Active Directory integration features

■2014/07/07: AWS Certification Practice Exams Now Available

■2014/07/07: Billing and cost management are now accessible to IAM and federated users

■2014/07/09: New Locations in Australia for Amazon CloudFront, Route 53, and Direct Connect

■2014/07/10: Amazon SNS adds support for Cross-Platform Time To Live (TTL)

■2014/07/10: Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Logs


■2014/07/10: Introducing Amazon Cognito


■2014/07/10: Introducing Amazon Mobile Analytics

■2014/07/10: Introducing Amazon Zocalo


■2014/07/14: Annual Software Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace

■2014/07/15: Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Covered by RDS SLA

■2014/07/15: Microsoft WSFC and SQL Server AlwaysOn Quick Start Reference Deployment

■2014/07/16: Amazon Kinesis now available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) regions


■2014/07/16: AWS IAM Adds Enhanced Password Management and Credential Reports


■2014/07/16: CloudTrail support for Autoscaling and Simple Queue Service (SQS)

■2014/07/16: New Functionality in AWS Support API – Attachments and lightweight case monitoring capability

■2014/07/22: New AWS Training Course - “Big Data Technology Fundamentals”

■2014/07/23: Introducing AWS Trusted Advisor Console

■2014/07/24: AWS CloudTrail now logs AWS Management Console sign-in events


■2014/07/24: Elastic Load Balancing Now Supports Idle Timeout Configuration


■2014/07/29: Amazon Climate Research Grants Program

■2014/07/30: Amazon ElastiCache now supports flexible placement for Memcached clusters


■2014/07/30: New Auto Scaling features for controlling individual Amazon EC2 instances


■2014/07/31: Amazon Route 53 Announces Domain Name Registration, Geo Routing, and Lower Pricing


■2014/07/31: AWS Trusted Advisor Security and Service Limits Checks Now Free

■2014/08/04: Introducing the Redesigned IAM Console

■2014/08/04: Amazon RDS now supports new T2 Instances, starting at just $6 a month


■2014/08/08: New Elastic MapReduce commands on the AWS CLI

■2014/08/11: AWS SDK for Python (Boto) now supports Python 3

■2014/08/11: Elastic Load Balancing Introduces Support for Tagging


■2014/08/11: Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication for Amazon WorkSpaces

■2014/08/12: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Quick Start Reference Deployment

■2014/08/14: Amazon CloudSearch adds enhanced IAM integration

■2014/08/14: AWS Data Pipeline Monitoring and Debugging Features

■2014/08/14: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Supports Ruby 2.1

■2014/08/14: AWS OpsWorks Supports Application Environment Variables

■2014/08/14: New Free Videos & Labs for DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, and Elastic MapReduce

■2014/08/18: Announcing Amazon CloudWatch Logs Agent Support on Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS

■2014/08/19: Amazon SNS adds Large Topics and enhanced MPNS

■2014/08/20: Amazon CloudFront Adds Support for Advanced SSL Features


■2014/08/21: DoD 3-5 Provisional Authorization

■2014/08/26: Amazon WorkSpaces Available in Japan


■2014/08/27: Amazon Zocalo is now Available to All Customers


■2014/08/28: Developer Preview of AWS Resource APIs for AWS SDK for Java

■2014/09/02: Query instances by tag and attributes with Advanced Search

■2014/09/03: Amazon RDS for MySQL now supports pre-warming InnoDB buffer pool on reboot


■2014/09/04: Amazon Elastic MapReduce now supports unlimited steps on AMI 3.1.1+

■2014/09/04: AWS GovCloud (US) region expands EC2 offering with the addition of HS1, C3, I2, R3 and T2 instance types

■2014/09/04: Hive 0.13.1 now available on Amazon Elastic MapReduce

■2014/09/08: You can now deploy your Amazon SWF Apps with AWS OpsWorks

■2014/09/11: Amazon ElastiCache Now Supports T2 Cache Nodes

■2014/09/11: Amazon Kinesis Connector Library update to emit data into ElasticSearch

■2014/09/11: Tagging Support for Kinesis Streams

■2014/09/15: Amazon ElastiCache API calls are now available in AWS CloudTrail

■2014/09/16: AppStream Chrome Browser and Chromebook Support

■2014/09/16: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Supports EBS General Purpose (SSD)

■2014/09/17: Amazon EMR adds consistent view and server-side encryption support for Amazon S3

■2014/09/17: Amazon EMR Now Provides ODBC and JDBC Drivers

■2014/09/18: Amazon SNS Mobile Push introduces enhanced iOS 8 Support

■2014/09/18: We’re Back! Starting October 1st, the AWS Pop-up Loft is Relaunching in San Francisco

■2014/09/23: Amazon Linux AMI 2014.09


■2014/09/24: AWS Console Mobile App Adds Support for Amazon DynamoDB

■2014/09/24: Welcome the First AWS Community Heroes

■2014/09/25: Developer Preview - Resource APIs for Version 2 of AWS SDK for Ruby

■2014/09/29: Announcing AWS Mobile SDK General Availability

■2014/09/29: Announcing support for your own Identity Management System in Amazon Cognito


■2014/09/29: AWS CloudFormation Updates Support for ELB, CloudFront, OpsWorks, and SNS

■2014/09/29: Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Quick Start Reference Deployment

■2014/09/30: Amazon CloudWatch Logs in US West (Oregon) Region and EU (Ireland) Region

■2014/09/30: AppStream availability in Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

■2014/09/30: Updated AWS Business Professional and Technical Professional Accreditation Courses

■2014/10/01: Amazon Elastic Transcoder Announces Smooth Streaming Support

■2014/10/02: AWS Management Portal for vCenter Setup Enhancements

■2014/10/07: Amazon CloudFront Announces Wildcard Cookies and Options Caching

■2014/10/08: Amazon DynamoDB now supports JSON document data structure and large items

■2014/10/09: Amazon CloudFront Now Publishes Six Operational Metrics to Amazon CloudWatch

■2014/10/09: Amazon RDS now supports new General Purpose (SSD) storage type


■2014/10/09: Amazon SNS is now integrated with CloudTrail

■2014/10/09: AWS Mobile SDK for Xamarin - Available on AWSLabs

■2014/10/13: Amazon Elastic Transcoder Announces Extended HLS Support

■2014/10/14: Developer Preview - Version 3 of the AWS SDK for PHP

■2014/10/14: Easier Role Selection for SAML-based Single Sign-On

■2014/10/15: Amazon WorkSpaces now supports zero clients

■2014/10/15: Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) on AWS: Quick Start Reference Deployment

■2014/10/16: Amazon CloudSearch announces enhanced Japanese language processing and CloudTrail support

■2014/10/16: Amazon RDS now supports Oracle Database

■2014/10/20: New in the IAM Console: At a Glance View of Last AWS Sign In

■2014/10/21: New Amazon CloudFront Cache Statistics, Popular Objects Report, and More Timely Access Logs

■2014/10/21: Amazon CloudWatch Logs Announces Enhanced Support for Amazon EC2 instances running Microsoft Windows Server


■2014/10/21: Amazon Kinesis Client Library for Python Developers

■2014/10/21: Amazon Kinesis Storm Spout update with support for Ack/Fail semantics

■2014/10/21: AWS Mobile SDK for Android – Maven Support

■2014/10/21: Introducing AWS Directory Service


■2014/10/23: Announcing OpenID Connect Support for Amazon Cognito

■2014/10/23: Announcing the AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region


■2014/10/24: Amazon ElastiCache Announces Multi-AZ with Automatic Failover for Redis


■2014/10/27: Amazon Elastic Transcoder API calls are now available in CloudTrail

■2014/10/28: Amazon WorkSpaces adds support for Custom Images

■2014/10/28: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Supports Rolling Application Version Deployments

■2014/10/28: Hunk now integrated with Amazon EMR

■2014/10/29: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface (EB CLI) Update

■2014/10/29: AWS Systems Manager for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager is Now Available

■2014/10/30: AWS Elastic Beanstalk 2014.09 Amazon Linux AMI Support

■2014/10/31: AWS Support Center now available in the AWS Management Console

■2014/11/03: Amazon SWF Workflow Replayer now available in the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby

■2014/11/03: AWS Storage Gateway support for Veeam and Microsoft backup applications

■2014/11/03: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now available for Amazon Zocalo

■2014/11/04: Amazon Redshift adds Four New Features and Sixteen New SQL Commands and Functions

■2014/11/05: Amazon Route 53 Announces Health Check Failure Reasons and Reusable Delegation Sets

■2014/11/05: Amazon Route 53 Now Supports Private DNS With Amazon VPC


■2014/11/05: Build applications that read and process CloudTrail log files using CloudTrail Processing Library


■2014/11/05: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Supports Java 8 Tomcat 8

■2014/11/05: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Supports Python 3.4, Java 7 GlassFish 4.0, and Java 8 GlassFish 4.1

■2014/11/06: Amazon WorkSpaces Introduces Value Bundle

■2014/11/06: Latest Amazon Cognito Features


■2014/11/07: Amazon Elastic MapReduce now supports HUE - an interactive query editor and file browser

■2014/11/07: New AWS Certification Available for DevOps Engineers

■2014/11/10: Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports Read Replicas, PostgreSQL 9.3.5, Data Migration enhancements, and Three New Extensions


■2014/11/10: Announcing AWS CloudTrail integration with Amazon CloudWatch Logs


■2014/11/10: AWS Direct Connect location in Las Vegas NV

■2014/11/10: Introducing DynamoDB Streams

■2014/11/11: New AWS TCO and Cloud Economics Accreditation for APN Partners

■2014/11/12: Introducing Amazon RDS for Aurora


■2014/11/12: Introducing AWS CodeDeploy


■2014/11/12: Introducing AWS Config


■2014/11/12: Introducing AWS Key Management Service


■2014/11/13: Event Notification Feature in Amazon S3


■2014/11/13: Introducing Amazon EC2 Container Service


■2014/11/13: Introducing AWS Lambda


■2014/11/18: Amazon Redshift is Now Available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region

■2014/11/19: Amazon CloudSearch lowers prices across all regions and instance types

■2014/11/19: AWS IP Ranges Are Now Available in JSON Format

■2014/11/19: Support for new instance types and price reduction for MapR distribution in Amazon EMR

■2014/11/20: Amazon AppStream: Now stream your existing application as-is

■2014/11/20: Amazon Zocalo supports 5TB files and makes phone apps available

■2014/11/21: Announcing the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog

■2014/11/24: Amazon Elastic Transcoder Now Supports Media File Encryption

■2014/11/26: AWS Data Pipeline support for templates

■2014/12/02: Amazon EC2: Announcing New and Simplified Reserved Instance Payment Options



実際にやってみたところ、What's Newのニュースには漏れというか、偏りがあるなと思いました。当然全てのアップデートは記載されないのですが、例えばAmazon Linux AMI 2014.03のリリースなど、弊社では結構話題になったものが載っていなかったりもしました。